July 24, 2024

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A psychologist is someone who studies the human mind & behavior to explain the different human behavioral patterns. In simpler terms, a psychologist investigates human perception, emotions, behavior & interpersonal relations to explain exactly why people act the way they do. The human mind being a complex entity, a different type of specialist is needed to evaluate each human behavior. This is evident by the different type of clinical trials that are performed by psychologists for evaluating different mental conditions. Broadly the psychologists may be classified as “applied” or “research” oriented, but the types of specialists may differ according to the type of treatment that is to be administered.

Psychologists typically serve to help people with mental health problems or those in need of counseling or psychotherapy. It is for this reason that psychologists have made their way into every field, whether business, industry, education or health service. Understanding this widespread need for a psychologist, we have included in this site an elaborate database of psychologists across USA. Our detailed list of psychologists across every little city of US helps you find specialists online with their vital details like name & address.

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